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Gaetano Salvemini Colloquium in Italian History and Culture

Named in honor of the Italian anti-fascist historian Gaetano Salvemini who spent much of his career as a professor in the Harvard department of history, this annual lecture is co-sponsored with the Consulate General of Italy in Boston and aims to foster a spirit of intellectual and scholarly inquiry into Italian history within the Harvard community and beyond.

Gaetano Salvemini, 1873-1957

About Gaetano Salvemini

The name Gaetano Salvemini is often associated with that of Harvard. The Italian historian first arrived in Cambridge in 1933 and taught at Harvard until 1948, thanks to special funding provided by the American actress, Ruth Draper, the companion of Lauro De Bosis – a young antifascist who in 1931 died in a plane crash bound for Rome – and to the particular interest of then-president of Harvard, James Conant.

During his years in Cambridge, Salvemini dedicated his time to teaching and research, bringing many projects to fruition. Perhaps his most important work was on antifascist movement and he often collaborated with other exiled European professors teaching at Harvard during that time. Salvemini returned to Italy in 1949 where he continued, until his death in 1957, to be a key political analyst and a critic in the world of Italian culture, a role in which he thrived independently and free from outside influence.

Series Events Calendar

The Intellectual Legacy of Primo Levi Gaetano Salvemini Colloquium in Italian History and Culture — The Intellectual Legacy of Primo Levi
November 14, 2019
5:30pm - 7:00pm
  • Millicent Marcus – Professor of Italian, Yale University
  • David Ward – Professor of Italian Studies, Wellesley College
  • Chair Charles Maier – Leverett Saltonstall Research Professor of History & CES Resident Faculty, Harvard University