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Open Forum Series

Open Forum is the CES working papers series intended to bring new work on Europe to a wider audience and facilitate discussion of the papers among authors and readers. CES encourages current and former Center affiliates to submit papers to the Open Forum Series. To submit a paper for consideration, authors are asked to follow the guidelines of the style sheet. Once a paper is submitted, the editors Grzegorz Ekiert and Andrew Martin will contact the authors and send the paper for a double blind review to an expert in the relevant field.

To submit an Open Forum paper and for questions, contact the editors.

Open Forum Publications

30 results
31 The Role of Cross-Class Alliances and Elites in Coordinated Employment Relations in Denmark
Sep 11, 2018 – Christoph Houman Ellersgaard, Christian Lyhne Ibsen and Anton Grau Larsen
8 Saving the Banks: The Political Economy of Bailouts
Apr 1, 2012 Cornelia Woll and Emiliano Grossman