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The Carnation Revolution: Assessing 50 Years of Democracy in Portugal
Apr 25, 2024 1h:23m
Reimagining Germany after WWII: Art, History & Politics
Apr 16, 2024 1h:13m
How French was the Enlightenment?
Apr 9, 2024 1h:22m
Democracy Against Itself – Defending Europe and the U.S. Against Authoritarian Threats From Within
Apr 4, 2024 1h:18m
Refugees (Not) Welcome: European Exile Scholars at Harvard in the 1930s and 1940s
Mar 21, 2024 1h:34m
White House Deadline with Daniel Ziblatt and Steve Levitsky
Mar 8, 2024 5m
A Conversation with Romano Prodi –Europe in the Changing Geopolitical Landscape
Mar 4, 2024 1h:27m
Panel 1: Winners and Losers – 2023 Elections in Poland
Nov 29, 2023 1h:32m
Panel 2: Democracy in Deeply Polarized Societies
Nov 29, 2023 1h:28m
Poland at the Crossroads Keynote Address
Nov 29, 2023 48m
Germany, America, and Ukraine: Lessons Learned From 20 Months of War in Europe
Nov 2, 2023 1h:15m
Bruno Schulz and the Hijacking of History
Oct 25, 2023 1h:08m