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Arthur Goldhammer

Local Affiliate, Seminar & Study Group Chair


Arthur Goldhammer

Goldhammer has a B.S. and Ph.D. in Mathematics from MIT and has taught at Brandeis University and Boston University. He has translated more than 125 books from French, for which he won numerous awards. His most recent award was for Thomas Piketty's bestseller Capital in the 21st Century. At CES, he is Co-Chair of the Contemporary Europe Study Group and Chair of the Visiting Scholars Seminar.

A long-time observer of French politics, Goldhammer regularly contributes commentary on France and French politics on his blog site "French Politics."


  • Local Affiliate, CES, Harvard University
  • Chair, Visiting Scholars Seminar: New Research on Europe, CES, Harvard University
  • Co-Chair, Contemporary Europe Study Group, CES, Harvard University