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2023 Krupp Foundation Dissertation Research Fellowship Recipients

The Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies (CES) awarded a Krupp Foundation Dissertation Research Fellowship to 13 Harvard University graduate students from six disciplines for research in Europe during the 2023-2024 academic year.

Nikolas Weyland is the recipient a Krupp Foundation Dissertation Research Fellowship this year.
Sung In Kim

Marten Dondorp (History) – Torrents of merchandise: Rivers, merchant capitalism, and the dawn of industrial empires, 1780-1840

Celia Eckert (Government) – The political theory of urban futures

Mariachiara Ficarelli (Anthropology) – Waters end: Farming and infrastructures of belonging along an Italian river

Sung In Kim (Government) – Economic shocks, institutions, forms of populism

Margot Mai (Harvard Medical School) – Sexual spectacle in Sicily: The experience of crisis-spectacle in Nigerian sex work migration

Sama Mammadova (History) – Swallowed by the Leviathan: Popular banks as state institutions in Europe and the Americas, 1500-1900

Andrew O'Donohue

Andrew O'Donohue (Government) – When do courts constrain or aggravate democratic erosion? Judicial independence and power in Turkey

Shae O. Omonijo (History) – Exile & empire: A global history

Ori Ben Shalom (History of Science) – Medicine and historical practice in Enlightenment

Anna Vichkitova (Slavic Languages & Literatures) – Metamorphoses of past: Memory of the Soviet in the twenty first century

Nikolas Weyland (History) – Forging the fatherland: State officials and Polish migrants in the German Ruhr, 1890-1955

Sophie Wilkowske (History) – Forests, finance, and fleets: Naval timber procurement and commercial society in France 1660-1789

Nace Zavrl (Art, Film, and Visual Studies) – Just images: Committed documentary after Yugoslavia