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Master Class: "Britain and the EU: Divorce, New Relationship or Just Carry On?"

October 28, 2013
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Goldman Room, Adolphus Busch Hall
October 28, 2013
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Goldman Room, Adolphus Busch Hall

The Center for European Studies invites undergraduate Harvard College students to the following Master Class with Tony Halmos, Director of Public Relations for the City of London, for a vibrant discussion over supper.


Space is limited and RSVP is required. Harvard College undergradute students may reserve a place in the class by emailing Laura Falloon ( A light supper will be provided.

The following reading list is recommended but not required:
Charter, D. (2012), Au Revoir, Europe: What if Britain left the EU? (London: Biteback)

Gamble, A. (1998), ‘The European Issue in British Politics’ in Baker, D. and Seawright, D. (eds.) Britain For and Against Europe: British Politics and the Question of European Integration (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

Gamble, A. (2003), Between Europe and America: The Future of British Politics (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan).

George, S. (1998), An Awkward Partner: Britain in the European Community, 3rd Edition (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

Stephens, P. (1995), Politics and the Pound: The Conservatives’ Struggle with Sterling (London: Macmillan).

Wall, S. (2008), A Stranger in Europe: Britain and the EU from Thatcher to Blair (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

Young, H. (1998), This Blessed Plot: Britain and Europe from Churchill to Blair (London: Macmillan).

Mr. Halmos is a short-term policy fellow in residence at the Center for European Studies until November 1st. During that time, he is available to meet with any students who are interested in his background and expertise, which spans EU politics, British and/or London politics, or the financial services and economic agenda and strategies to get out of the crisis. Students may contact Mr. Halmos to arrange a meeting directly at