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2024 Senior Thesis Grant Recipients

This year the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies (CES) awarded Senior Thesis Grants to 13 rising seniors from 11 disciplines to travel and conduct research in 10 European countries.

Selam Ambaw (Sociology, Linguistics, Secondary Field in Religion, 2025)

The International Phonetic Alphabet - Research Location: United Kingdom

John Chilson (Economics, Secondary Field in Government, 2025)

Evaluating the Financing Model and Unit Quality of Social Housing In Austria - Research Location: Austria

Robert Erdos (English & Philosophy, 2025)

Undecidability, Silence, and the Void: The Enjoyment of Hatred and Pain - Research Location: France

Addie Esposito (Government, Germanic Languages & Literatures, Secondary Field in European History, Politics & Societies, 2025)

The Intersectionality of Generational and Geographic Divides in the German Parliament - Research Location: Germany

* Stanley H. Hoffmann Undergraduate Research and Travel Grant

Caroline Gage (Social Studies, 2025)

Nostalgia and the Resurgence of the Far-Right in Italy - Research Location: Italy

* Stanley H. Hoffmann Undergraduate Research and Travel Grant

Isabelle Halsey (History of Science, 2025)

History of Art, Medicine, and Empire: Changing Visual Culture in 18th- and 19th-century France - Research Location: France

Hazel Koh (Romance Languages & Literatures, Government, Secondary Field in Energy and Environment, 2025)

Rewriting Cities: An Ecofeminist Literary Analysis of Contemporary Urban Planning in Paris - Research Location: France

Aqil Merchant (Anthropology, Secondary Field in Global Health and Health Policy, 2025)

Pushbacks: An Investigation of the Malleability of European Union Refugee Law - Research Location: Greece

Tobechukwu Nwafor (Government, History, 2025)

Austerity in 2010s Britain - Research Location: United Kingdom

Nini Sikharulidze (Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology, 2025)

Political Will and Commitment within EU Candidate Countries, Georgia - Research Location: Georgia

Margo Silliman (History & Literature, Secondary Field in Economics, 2025)

Dortchen Grimm: The Story Behind the Storyteller - Research Location: Germany

Margaret Smith (History, 2025)

Lithuania's Separation from Russia in the 1990's - Research Location: Lithuania

Katia Soares dos Santos (Social Studies, 2025)

Offshore Finance: Vestiges of Empire or Capitalizing on Anglo-American Hegemony? - Research Location: United Kingdom