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2024 Krupp Foundation Dissertation Research Fellowship Recipients

The Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies (CES) awarded a Krupp Foundation Dissertation Research Fellowship to 15 Harvard University and MIT graduate students from 13 disciplines for research in Europe during the 2024-2025 academic year.*

Nathaniel Moses

Francesco Anselmetti (History & Middle Eastern Studies) - City States? Commerce and Rebellion in the Ottoman Mediterranean, 1700-1850

Mahdi Chowdhury (History) - Oceanic Sentiments: Imperial Space and Islamic Habitus in the Indian Ocean, 1865-1955

Samira Daneshvar (Architecture, Film & Visual Studies) - Edges of Matter: Radiation at the Boundaries between Worlds

Alexander Hartley (Comparative Literature) - French and British Colonial Law and the Origins of Global Copyright: A Critical Excavation

Rustam Khan (History, Anthropology, Science, Technology, and Society, MIT) - Dancing after Decolonization: Race, Class, and Technology in Street Dance Cultures in Brussels

Mohamed Kouta (Comparative Literature) - Philosophical Orientalism: Kant to Corbin

Noga Marmor (History) - Belonging to the King: Royal Slavery in the Spanish Empire

Cana McGhee (Music) - Instruments of Silence: Botanical Musicalities and Performing Natural Science

Katharin Tai

Tai Mitsuji (History of Art & Architecture) - Migrating Across Time

Nathaniel Moses (History) - Rivers Undone: State, Subject, and Ecology in Late Ottoman Iraq

Can Mutlu (Political Economy & Government) - How Do Single Issue Parties Shape Politics and Policy Outcomes in Europe?

Debbie Onuoha (Anthropology) - Monumental Silences: De/Post Colonial Remembrance Along the Wilhelmstrae and the M-Strae in Berlin

Mari Sanchez (Sociology) - Non-White Meta-Categories in the US and UK: Unpacking the Language of Racial Difference and Justice

Jan-Paul Sandmann (Political Science) - Crisis of Creativity: A Return to the Promise of Culture

Katharin Tai (International Relations & Comparative Politics, MIT) - Paper Ghost in a High-Tech Machine: How Bureaucracies Shape, Limit & Enable High-Tech Governance

* This list was last updated on June 3, 2024.