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Event Series

European Union Study Group

The European Union Seminar examines the politics of the European Union (EU) from theoretical, empirical, and interdisciplinary perspectives. It studies the theoretical foundations of the European project in light of the problems exposed by the ongoing crises on the continent and addresses salient EU policy issues. The seminar meets regularly throughout the year. It brings together faculty, graduates and undergraduates of Harvard and surrounding universities who are interested in the politics of, and research on, the EU.

It is open to thinkers from multiple disciplines, including but not limited to economics, political science, sociology, and philosophy. Its focus has been and will continue to be interdisciplinary covering political, social, economic and institutional issues of the EU. Our featured speakers range from scholars working on theoretical and empirical issues on the EU to policy analysts and government officials. The seminar has two thematic units. The first has to do with political and policy issues, and the second deals with theoretical approaches to the EU.

Note: This seminar was formerly known as the European Union Study Group. For details and past events see here.