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2022 Krupp Foundation Dissertation Research Fellowship Recipients

In order to conduct research on Europe during the 2022-2023 academic year, The Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies (CES) awarded a Krupp Foundation Dissertation Research Fellowship to 12 Harvard University graduate students from seven disciplines.

Daniel Roberts, Government
Daniel Roberts, Ph.D. Candidate in Government

Daniel Roberts (Government) – Pathways to middle-class advantage: Financialization, housing, and the politics of opportunity in knowledge economies

Natalie Behrends (History) – Socialism's borders: Nationalism and class in the Second International, 1889-1917

Tsiona Lida (History) – Affect and its materiality in Jewish history and Zionism, 1907-1967

Hollie Buttery (History of Art & Architecture) – Drawing poison: The invention and potency of early modern Italian caricature

Caterina Chiopris (Political Economy & Government) – Changes in European history: A political economy approach

Daria Kovaleva (History & Middle Eastern Studies) - Oral drama in Istanbul: The production of public culture in the second Ottoman Empire (1570s-1820s)

Sun Young Park, Government
Sun Young Park, Ph. D. Candidate in Government

Sarah Hutcheson (Architecture, Landscape & Urban Planning) – Spatializing the body politic in post-Restoration Britain: The metonyms and mechanics of aulic space

Sonja Grassmugg (History) - The role of arms in society in Britain and its empire during the long 19th century

Kristie La (History of Art & Architecture) – To picture a fact: From W.E.B. Du Bois to El Lissitzky

Lena Nasrallah (History) – The production of landscape through the Abu Dhabi-Kerala migrant network in the 20th century

Sun Young Park (Government) – Norms of intolerance: How social segregation and elite antagonism intensifies partisan animosity

Caleb Shelburne (History of Science) – Ottoman politics of knowledge and the end of empire