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Capital and Ideology: An Address by Thomas Piketty
Mar 6, 2020 1h:34m
Reinventing Athens – A Conversation with Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis
Feb 4, 2020 1h:15m
Poland in the Global Wave of Populism
Nov 13, 2019 1h:28m
Europe’s Travails: Forging a French-German Response in an Era of Transatlantic Disequilibrium
Oct 22, 2019 1h:46m
Challenges to Democracy in the European Union: An Address by Sergey Lagodinsky
Oct 7, 2019 1h:23m
Europe’s Strategic Role in Tackling Today’s Global Challenges
Sep 27, 2019 55m
Yugoslavia Revisited
Sep 25, 2019 1h:39m
Transformations of European Ideologies: A Discussion to Mark the Retirement of Charles S. Maier and Patrice Higonnet
Sep 11, 2019 1h:29m
The Dream of a United Europe: From the Marshall Plan to Brexit
Apr 4, 2019 1h:30m
Intimate Violence: Anti-Jewish Pogroms on the Eve of the Holocaust
Mar 6, 2019 1h:33m
2018 Summit on Europe | Panel 2: Authoritarianism in the EU
Nov 5, 2018 1h:26m
2018 Summit | Panel 1: The Transatlantic Freeze
Nov 5, 2018 1h:43m