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Vanessa Ogle

Visiting Scholar 2018-2019, CES, Harvard University

Residency Dates: September 1, 2018 – December 7, 2018


Vanessa Ogle

Vanessa Ogle is an associate professor of late modern Europe in the department of history at the University of California, Berkeley. She received her Ph.D. in history from Harvard University in 2011. Her first book, The Global Transformation of Time: 1870-1950 was published by Harvard University Press in October 2015.

At CES, Ogle will examine the period of 1920-1970 where the nation-state grew in importance through the New Deal and Keynesianism. She will explore the simultaneous emergence of a new order of offshore financial markets in the Caribbean and economic ‘free zones’ in order to review the central nature of state actors during the time period.

This information is accurate for the time period that the affiliate is affiliated with CES.


  • Associate Professor of History, University of California, Berkeley
  • Visiting Scholar 2018-2019, CES, Harvard University


  • Vanessa Ogle. “Archipelago capitalism: Tax havens, offshore money, and the state, 1950s-1970s,” American Historical Review, 2017, pp. 1431-1458.
  • Vanessa Ogle. The global transformation of time: 1870-1950, (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2015).

Research Project

Archipelago capitalism: A history of the offshore world 1920s-1980s