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Colleen Driscoll

Graduate Student Affiliate & Study Group Chair


Colleen Driscoll

Colleen Driscoll is a PhD student in government at Harvard University. At CES she is co-chair of the Populism, Nationalism and Radical Politics Study Group. Her research focuses on the role that political parties have in shaping, aggregating, and refining political preferences from the electorate into party platforms. Specifically, she is interested in the definition of tissue spaces within political systems and how parties strategically emphasize (or deemphasize) certain issue areas to maximize electoral or policy returns, with a regional focus on parties in France and Germany. Currently, she is planning a study on the persistence of authoritarian political views in French municipalities from the time of the Revolution to the present day.


  • PhD Student in Government, Harvard University
  • Graduate Student Affiliate, CES, Harvard University
  • Co-Chair, Populism, Nationalism and Radical Politics Study Group, CES, Harvard University