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Sarah Bracke

Visiting Scholar 2014-2015


Sarah Bracke

Bracke is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Ghent University and a Senior Researcher at the Center for Gender and Diversity (RHEA) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium. She studied Sociology and Philosophy and earned her Ph.D. in Women’s Studies from Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Her main areas of research focus on questions of agency and subjectivity, as well as gender, racialization, and sexuality as they relate to religion and the secular.

Bracke will explore how the understanding of gender, sexual difference, and sexuality in liberal democratic nations of Western Europe is impacted by the rise of “the Muslim Question” in Europe.

Prior to coming to the Center, Bracke was a Research Associate at the Women’s Studies in Religion Program at Harvard Divinity School, where she worked on a book on agency and sexual difference within Catholicism. For this project, Bracke received a Fulbright Award (Fulbright Belgium Research Scholar 2013-14).

This information is accurate for the time period that the scholar is affiliated with CES.


  • Associate Professor of Sociology, Ghent University