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Mark Franklin

Local Affiliate


Mark Franklin

Until he retired in 2011, Mark Franklin was the inaugural Stein Rokkan Professor of Comparative Politics at the European University Institute (EUI) and remains a director of the European Union Democracy Observatory at the EUI's Robert Schumann Center for Advanced Studies. He founded the Public Opinion and Participation Section of the European Union Studies Association, is a director of the European Elections Studies project and chairs the Advisory Board of the British Election Study 2015. He is a past Guggenheim Fellow and Fulbright Scholar and is the author and co-author of Electoral Change (1992, re-issued as a “Classic in Political Science,” 2009), Choosing Europe? (1996), Voter Turnout (2004) and The Economy and the Vote (2007). He has published in the American Journal of Political Science, American Political Science Review, British Journal of Political Science, and other journals. He is past chair of the European Politics and Society Section of the APSA and is founding chair of the Consortium for European Research with Election Studies.


  • John R. Reitemeyer Professor Emeritus of International Politics, Trinity College
  • Local Affiliate, Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University