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Christina Crawford

Graduate Student Affiliate


Christina Crawford

Christina Crawford is a PhD student in architectural history at Harvard University whose work focuses on architectural and urban design strategies particular to periods of intensive transition. Her dissertation research centers on the relationship between urban theory and architectural practice in the Soviet Union from 1917–1932, a period that spans from initial land socialization to the conclusion of the First Five Year Plan. Christina received her BA in architecture and East European studies from Yale University, and her MArch from the Harvard Graduate School of Design; all degrees were conferred with Distinction. She served as Vice Consul in the US Consulate in St. Petersburg, Russia, and received a Fulbright Fellowship to Ukraine, where she researched post-Soviet Ukrainian architecture and urbanism. Articles on her Ukrainian work were published in Metropolis (US), Archis (Netherlands), and ACC (Ukraine). Prior to returning to Harvard, Christina worked for several years as an architect and urban designer in Boston and taught architectural history and theory at Northeastern University. Her professional work included designs for discrete architectural projects, master plans for local municipalities and open space design for a waterfront city in Dubai, UAE. She is a Registered Architect and a graduate student affiliate of the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, and the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute.

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  • PhD Student in the Architectural History, Harvard University
  • Graduate Student Affiliate, CES, Harvard University