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Thomas Dodman

Dodman is Assistant Professor of History at Boston College, where he teaches courses in modern European and French history, war and society, and the history of emotions. He is currently revising for publication a book manuscript on the forgotten history of fatal nostalgia, a historically specific emotional syndrome that affected eighteenth and nineteenth century soldiers and colonial settlers. A first part of this research, focusing on the colonization of Algeria, was published in the French journal Annales and was awarded the 2012 William Koren prize from the Society for French Historical Studies.

Before completing his doctoral work in the USA, Professor Dodman studied in France and the UK. Prior to joining Boston College he taught at the University of Chicago, Sciences-Po in Paris, and George Mason University. He was a Visiting Scholar at CES from January to June 2014. He currently serves as Co-Chair of the CES seminar Contemporary Europe.


  • Assistant Professor of History, Boston College
  • Co-Chair, Contemporary Europe, CES, Harvard University