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Maurizio Isabella

Visiting Scholar 2012-2013


Maurizio Isabella

Isabella is a senior lecturer in history at Queen Mary, University of London. His research focuses on the political thought and the intellectual and cultural history of the Risorgimento in transnational context. Isabella’s Risorgimento in Exile (2009) studies exile in early nineteenth century as an intellectual experience and assesses early Italian liberalism and patriotism as part of transatlantic and pan-European ideological currents. Isabella’s current research project focuses on the international thought of the Risorgimento (1796–c.1860). It seeks to analyze the ways in which Italian patriots and intellectuals framed and justified the national question in the context of new visions of international relations and sought to reconcile Italian independence with the existing or imagined European, Mediterranean, and global order. By so doing the project will provide new perspectives on the globalization of nineteenth-century international thought and will highlight the original Italian contribution to European and trans-national debates on international law, empire, war, and peace.

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