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Hartmut Lenz

political scientist


Hartmut Lenz

Lenz is continuing his research at CES on European Integration, with an emphasis on intergovernmental negotiations. His current research includes two main projects: \"Domestic Constraints on Bargaining on the EU Treaty Negotiations\", which examines the impact of public opinion on intergovernmental negotiations within the EU, and \"Effective Multilateralism and Regional Cooperation,\" which compares the impact of institutional structures on efficiency and conflict in regional cooperation. Recent publications include articles in European Union Politics and Review of International Organizations. Lenz works as postdoctoral fellow at Oxford University (Nuffield College) and he received his PhD from the University of Essex. He is also a member of the Domestic Structures and European Integration Project (DOSEI), which analyzes the multistage nature of the European Union\'s constitution-building.


  • Former Visiting Scholar, CES