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Fernanda Giorgia Nicola

Legal Theorist


Fernanda Giorgia Nicola

Nicola is assistant professor at the Washington College of Law, American University where she teaches torts, comparative law and European Union law. She is the author of several articles on European integration through the harmonisation of private law, including “Another View on European Integration: Distributive Stakes in the Harmonisation of European Law” (2007); “A Social Dimension in European Private Law?” (2006) and “Transatlanticisms: Constitutional Asymmetry and Selective Reception of U.S. Law and Economics in the Formation of European Private Law” (2008). Her current research compares United States and European Union models of federalism by analyzing the role of local governments in promoting or resisting federal integration. She will be in residence at CES during the 2008-2009 academic year.


  • Former Visiting Scholar, CES