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Steffen Hillmert

Hillmert is professor of sociology with specialization in research methods and social stratification at the University of Tuebingen. He received his PhD in sociology from Freie Universität Berlin. Over the last few years, his research has focused on mutual relationships between life-course developments, institutions, and structural changes in society. Associations between education, employment, and social inequality have been of particular interest. In his current project, he studies links between policies of immigration, social integration and education, and the educational situation of migrants in contemporary societies.

This information was last updated for the 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellowship, September 2017.


  • Professor of Sociology, University of Tuebingen
  • Visiting Scholar 2005-2006, CES, Harvard University
  • John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellow 2005-2006, CES, Harvard University