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Jonathan Zatlin

Jonathan Zatlin is associate professor of history at Boston University. He is currently writing a book entitled German Fantasies of Jewish Wealth: Economic Change and Political Anxiety in Germany, 1870–1990, which examines economic anti-Semitism and the Jewish reaction in modern Germany. He is the author of The Currency of Socialism: Money and Political Culture in East Germany (2007), which analyzes the economic and social history of the German Democratic Republic from 1971–1990. He co-edited Selling Modernity: German Advertising in the Twentieth Century (2007). Zatlin has written on the East German automobile industry, popular opinion in the GDR, socialist consumer policy under Honecker, the treatment of women in East Germany, economic sources of racism in Soviet style regimes, the Stasi, and German unification.


  • Associate Professor of German and European History, Boston University
  • Local Affiliate, Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University