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Philippe Aghion



Philippe Aghion

Aghion is Robert C. Waggoner Professor of Economics at Harvard, program director in Industrial Organization at CEPR, and fellow at NBER and IFS. His interests surround the relationship between economic growth and policy. He believes that focusing on innovations as a main source of economic growth opens the door to a deeper understanding of how organizations, competition policy, education, savings, and the financial system and macroeconomic policy affect and are affected by growth, and how these factors interact with local entrepreneurs’ incentives to either innovate or imitate frontier technologies. In trying to link growth and organizations, Aghion has also contributed to the field of contract theory and corporate governance, concentrating on the question of how to allocate authority and control rights within a firm, or between entrepreneurs and investors. He is co-author or author of several books including Endogenous Growth Theory (1997) and The Economics of Growth (2009). He is also managing editor of The Economics of Transition which he launched in 1992, and has been editor of the Review of Economics and Statistics since 2008.


  • Faculty Associate, CES