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2021 Krupp Foundation Dissertation Research Fellowship Recipients

The Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies (CES) awarded 12 graduate students from Harvard and MIT a Krupp Foundation Dissertation Research Fellowship to conduct research on Europe during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Matias Giannoni

Elisa Sotgiu

Mitch Bacci (History, Middle Eastern Studies) – Smugglers and state-builders: The illicit opiate trade and the making of the modern Eastern Mediterranean, 1828-1938

Max Boersma (History of Art and Architecture) – Between technique and technology: Interwar abstraction in Russia and Germany

Phoebe Braithwaite (English) – Governing myths: Stuart Hall and the remaking of cultural identity (1951-2000)

Felicia Cucuta (Romance Languages and Literature) – Ethics of care in Wajdi Mouawad’s pandemic performances

Carmelo Ignaccolo

Matias Giannoni (Political Science, MIT) – The great separation: The role of firms in the rise of anti-system politics

Carmelo Ignaccolo (Urban Studies and Planning, MIT) – The hidden Haussmanns of Mediterranean Europe: The enduring legacy of late-19th-century linear interventions in historic city centers

Iman Mohamed (History) ­– Racializing Soomaalinimo: Colonialism and race in Somalia Italiana

Alberto Parisi (Comparative Literature) – The intention of the spirit: Air, breath, and voice in modern European poetry and philosophy

Phoebe Braithwaite

Sascha Riaz (Government) – Economic development and international migration – Evidence from Germany (1820-1907)

Elisa Sotgiu (Comparative Literature) – The Novelist Terrible: A cultural backlash in world literature

Aaron Watanabe (Government) – Gatecrashers and Gatekeepers: Why populists win elections

Mafalda Pratas Fernandes (Government) – Extremists versus Careerists: The dilemmas of democratizing political parties

* Unless otherwise noted all students are enrolled at Harvard University.

Albert Parisi

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