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View of Adolphus Busch Hall from the Courtyard
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Hans-Helmut Kotz 65 (in German)

Hans-Helmut Kotz 65 (in German)

in Böersen Zeitung on January 14, 2022

Wer mit Hans-Helmut Kotz über Ökonomie oder Geldpolitik spricht, geht in der Regel nicht nur mit ein paar neuen klugen Gedanken aus dem Gespräch, sondern meist gleich auch mit einigen Lesetipps.

How to Pick a Literary Winner

How to Pick a Literary Winner

Maya Jasanoff on November 4, 2021
Harvard’s Maya Jasanoff, chair of Booker Prize panel, offers a peek behind verdict What’s it like to read a book every day for several months so you can hash out with ...

Soccer and the Enduring Nonsense of Race

in Public Seminar on November 1, 2021
Soccer star Marko Arnautović made headlines last week, less for the goal he scored in the 89th minute of his native Austria’s European Cup game against North Macedonia than for his post-goal ...
Ethics and Economics of Medical Supplies in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ethics and Economics of Medical Supplies in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hansong Li in European Scientific Journal on September 15, 2021

By Hansong Li and Yifei Wu

The distribution of healthcare resources across local and global communities has triggered alarms throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Injustice and inefficiency in the transfer of lifesaving medical supplies are magnified by the urgency of the public health crisis, ramified through pre-existing socioeconomic tensions, and further aggravated by frictions that plague international cooperation and global governance.