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West Meets East

The Photography of Barbara Klemm

West Meets East

Oct 8, 2015 — Dec 31, 2015
Jacek E. Giedrojć Gallery, Adolphus Busch Hall

About the Exhibit

Exhibit Curators: Grzegorz Ekiert, Barbara Klemm and Jan Kubasiewicz

Barbara Klemm is one of Germany’s most distinguished photojournalists. Her iconic photographs have shaped the cultural memory of several generations of German citizens and captured over 40 years of Germany’s history, including the period when the country was divided. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of German reunification, CES is pleased to host an exhibit of Klemm’s photographs at the Jacek E. Giedrojć Gallery. This exhibit will feature photos of Germany before and after unification, people in rare moments, mass gatherings, cultural events and immigrants to Germany.

Barbara Klemm's photographs stand for concrete social reality. Her sure sense of the true essence of an event allows her to capture moments that tell stories far beyond what the pictures seem to show at first glance. These photos are 'action in condensed form,' as Klemm puts it, and thus also a condensed image of history.

Her photos of the fall of the Berlin Wall are a dramatic climax to her own narrative of history, and in retrospect, her earlier photos from both sides of the Wall seem to be tracing the two Germanys on their path towards reunification, while her later photos closely observe the consequences of the new order.

On October 8th for the opening of the exhibit of Klemm’s photographs. Barbara Klemm will be present to share her insights into the events reflected in her images. She will be joined in conversation with renown contemporary art historian, Professor Benjamin Buchloh, Harvard University, and noted international relations expert, Professor Mary Elise Sarotte, USC Dornsife.

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