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Dismantling Democracy On The EU's Watch: Poland and its Constitutional Tribunal
Apr 13, 2017 2h:00m
Future of the Left Symposium Panel 1: Perspectives from Political Leaders
Apr 11, 2017 1h:51m
Future of the Left Symposium Panel 2: Perspectives from Scholars
Apr 11, 2017 1h:45m
Perhapsburg: Reflections on the Fragility and Resilience of Europe
Apr 7, 2017 1h:49m
A Panel on Democratic Challenges in Germany - Insights from Recent Elections
Apr 4, 2017 1h:44m
What to Expect from the French Presidential Election?
Mar 30, 2017 1h:46m
Midnight at the Pera Palace - The Birth of Modern Istanbul
Mar 29, 2017 1h:32m
Germany For You: Social Media Translates "Germany" For Refugees
Mar 28, 2017 1h:42m
Catalonia, Today And Tomorrow
Mar 27, 2017 1h:48m
Activating Populism: The Role of Blame Attribution
Mar 2, 2017 1h:44m
The Populist Paradox
Feb 1, 2017 1h:41m
Summit 2016 - Is European Democracy in Crisis?
Nov 14, 2016 1h:39m