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Global Europe What Does That Mean
Apr 12, 2021 1h:01m
Thesis Workshop for Juniors — Senior Thesis Conference 2021
Apr 9, 2021 52m
Confronting a Hostile State: Scholars of the Holocaust in Poland
Mar 25, 2021 1h:26m
The Rise and Fall of Jewish International Politics, 1919-1949
Mar 11, 2021 1h:02m
Populism After Trump
Mar 4, 2021 1h:28m
Populism, Democracy and Recognition
Feb 18, 2021 1h:11m
The Jewish Eighteenth Century and the Transformative Year 1782
Dec 3, 2020 1h:12m
Seminar on Democracy: Past, Present, and Future State of Democracy and Future Research
Nov 19, 2020 1h:27m
Lessons from Europe's Financial Assistance to Greece
Nov 18, 2020 1h:01m
European Wine Politics
Nov 13, 2020 59m
What’s the EU for? Thinking about EU-level Public Goods in a Post-COVID World
Nov 12, 2020 1h:16m
Tehran Children: On the Trail of WWII Refugees in Central Asia and the Middle East
Nov 6, 2020 1h:09m