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31 Working Paper

Comparing Fordist Cities: The Logic of Urban Crisis and Union Response in Turin, 1950-1975, and Detroit, 1915-1945

May 25, 2024 – Ted Perlmutter


This paper has benefitted from the comments of Mabel Berezin, Peter Hall, Youssef Cohen, Gary Mucciaroni, Alberta Sbragia, Martin Schain, Margaret Weir, and especially Carol Merschon.Earlier versions were presented at the American Political Science Association Meetings, August, 1989, and at a joint meeting of the Itaiian Study Group and at the United States in a European Perspective Study Group at the Center for European Studies, Harvard University, May 13, 1988. The research for this project was supported by the V.O. Key Fellowship from the Harvard Joint Center for Urban Studies, and a Krupp Foundation grant from the Harvard University Center for European Studies.