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11 Program on Central and Eastern Europe

Hidden Enterprise, Property Rights Reform, & Political Transformation in Hungary

1991 – Anna Seleny


This essay is drawn from a dissertation-in-progress, and in earlier stages has benefited from the comments of Suzanne Berger, Donald Blackmer, Consuela Cruz, Robert Fishman, Istvan Gabor, Peter Galasi, Janos Kornai, Maria Kovacs, Gyorgy Kovari, Mihaly Laki, Terez Laky, Edwige Leclercq, Andrei Markovits, Elizabeth Prodromou, Charles Sabel and Zoltan Toth. The ususal disclaimers apply. I am grateful to IREX, The Fulbright Commission, the Joint Commission on Eastern Europe of the American Council of Learned Societies and the Social Science Research Council, Harvard's Center for European Studies, M.I.T.'s Center for International Studies and the MacArthur Foundation for support which made possible the research and writing of the dissertation. 1 An earlier version of this paper appeared in June 1991 as Working Paper 11 in this series.