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167 Working Paper

The Relations of Turkey with the European Union: Candidate Forever?

2008 – Bahri Yilmaz


This paper primarily addresses three aspects of Turkish-EU relations: the first section of the study gives an overview of the history of Turkey's relations with and the EEC/EC/ EU in the period between 1959 and 2008, focusing on "the Ankara Agreement" of 1964 (or the Association Agreement). With that agreement, which was supplemented and specified by an "Additional Protocol" in 1973, Turkey began what has become one of the longest-lasting association agreements. The second section will elaborate on the diffi-culties and serious disputes that have arisen between Turkey and the EU, and particu-larly on the current discussion of Turkey's membership. Finally, in light of the remark-able political and economic changes taking place in the international and the European arena, we will draw some lessons from the past in order to make some predictions about the path Turkish-EU relations may follow in the future.