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Christian Lyhne Ibsen

Visiting Scholar 2017-2018

Residency Dates: September 15 - December 31, 2017


Christian Lyhne Ibsen

Christian Lyhne Ibsen is Associate Professor at the Employment Relations Research Center (FAOS) at the University of Copenhagen where he also earned his PhD in Sociology. Christian holds a M.A. in European Industrial Relations from Warwick Business School, United Kingdom, and a M.Sc. in Political Science from University of Copenhagen. During his PhD, he was visiting scholar at MIT/Sloan School of Management.

His research falls within the fields of comparative political economy, comparative employment relations and economic sociology. Since earning his PhD, he has been studying the development of collective bargaining systems in Northern Europe from a historical institutionalist perspective and trade union membership using Danish administrative data.

During his tenure at CES, Christian will work on two projects. First, he will work with prof. Kathleen Thelen on a project about vocational education and digitalization in Denmark and Sweden. Second, he will work on a project about membership logics of employer associations in Sweden and Denmark with respect to wage bargaining and collective skill formation. The latter project is funded by a two year post.doc grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research.

This information is accurate for the time period that the scholar is affiliated with CES.


  • Associate Professor, Employment Relations Research Center (FAOS), Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen
  • Visiting Scholar, CES, Harvard


  • Ibsen C. & Thelen K. (2017). Diverging Solidarity: Labor Strategies in the New Knowledge Economy. World Politics, 69: 409-447.
  • Ibsen CL. (2016) The Role of Mediation Institutions in Sweden and Denmark after Centralized Bargaining. British Journal of Industrial Relations 54: 285-310.
  • Ibsen CL. (2015) Three approaches to coordinated bargaining: A case for power-based explanations. European Journal of Industrial Relations 21: 39-56.
  • Tapia M, Ibsen CL and Kochan TA. (2015) Mapping the frontier of theory in industrial relations: the contested role of worker representation. Socio-Economic Review 13: 157-184.

Research Topic

Markets, institutions and sensemaking – Explaining employer collectivism in Sweden and Denmark



Areas of Expertise

  • Comparative Political Economy
  • Comparative Employment Relations
  • Economic Sociology