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Atila Eralp

Atila Eralp is Professor Emeritus in the Department of International Relations at Middle East Technical University, Ankara. He is a member of the Mercator-Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) International Advisory Council. He was also a Mercator-IPC Senior Fellow at IPC from 2019 to 2023. He has been awarded the Jean Monnet Chair on the Politics of European Integration since 2002 and has been the Coordinator of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence since 2007. He was recognized as one of the twenty European Success Studies by the European Commission in 2008. His research interests include the EU enlargement process, the European neighborhood policy, the EU’s foreign and security policy, and the Turkey-EU relationship. Professor Eralp has published numerous articles and books on these issues. He has coordinated and implemented various interdisciplinary EU-funded research, training, and communications projects.


  • Professor Emeritus, Department of International Relations, Middle East Technical University

Topic of Expertise