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Peter J. Verovšek

Local Affiliate & Study Group Chair


Peter J. Verovšek

Peter J. Verovšek is Lecturer on Social Studies. Working within international political theory, his research examines how collective memories served as resources for political innovation in 20th century Europe. He is working on two book projects based on his dissertation, "A New Beginning for Europe: Memory, Rupture and Integration in the Wake of Total War." The first examines how memories of war on the continent acted as cognitive, motivational and justificatory resources for postwar integration. He argues that the fading of these memories has undermined the EU’s normative foundations, resulting in the increasing economization of the European project. The second manuscript examines the role of public intellectuals in modern, democratic societies, focusing on the responses of important thinkers to the development of the EU.

This information is accurate for the time period that the affiliate is affiliated with CES.


  • Lecturer on Social Studies, Harvard University