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Christina May

John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellow & Visiting Scholar 2010-2011


After receiving her PhD from Göttingen University in 2009, Christina May conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Münster. Her research interests include social policy, social theory, historical sociology, and methods of comparative research. She has published work on pension systems and generation theory, her latest entitled Generation als Argument (2010). She is currently working on a project about social scientists\' discourses on the social question around 1900 in Europe and the US. As a Kennedy fellow, May was in residence at CES during the academic year 2010-2011.

This information was last updated for the 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellowship, September 2017.


  • John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellow 2010-2011, CES, Harvard University
  • Visiting Scholar 2010-2011, CES, Harvard University
  • The Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture