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2022 Senior Thesis Grant Recipients

This year the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies (CES) granted Senior Thesis Grants to 12 rising seniors from five disciplines to travel and conduct research in seven European countries.

Left to right: Taehwan Kim, Florian Bochert, Mercedes Sapuppo, Katharine Heintz, Yousuf Bakshi, Dharma Seda Gonzalez , Eli Frankel, Oliver Riskin-Kutz.

Yousuf Bakshi (Government, 2023)

Research on the Blockchain in Estonia

Henry Bellew (History and Government, 2023)

The Effects of Political Appeals by British Far-Right Leaders in the Early 20th Century

Florian Bochert (Government, Secondary Field in European History, Politics and Societies, 2023)

An Invisible Wall: Reasons for the Political Divide Between Eastern and Western Germany

* Stanley H. Hoffmann Undergraduate Research and Travel Grant Recipient

Eli Frankel (Social Studies, 2023)

Father of the New Left or Apostle of Chaos: Marcuse and the Ethics of Revolution

Katharine Heintz (Government, 2023)

Public Opinion Regarding European Integration in Norway

Taehwan Kim (Social Studies, 2023)

Conceptions of Lacit Among Liberal Secularists in France

Abigail LaBreck (Government, Secondary Field in European History, Politics and Societies (EHPS), 2023)

The Intersection of Religion and Politics: Compulsory Religious Education in Alsace-Moselle

Oliver Riskin-Kutz (History, 2023)

The Bear in the Boat: An Environmental History of 18th-Century Louisiana

* Recipient of the Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize for 2022-2023

Mercedes Sapuppo (Social Studies, 2023)

Democratic Backsliding during Covid-19 in Central and Eastern Europe

Dharma Seda Gonzalez (Romance Languages, 2023)

The Women of Las Ventas Prison: Carceral Testimony as a Subversive Literary Practice

* Real Colegio Complutense Grant Recipient

Thuan Tran (Social Studies, 2023)

Black Notes on Saigon