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2020 Krupp Foundation Dissertation Research Fellowship Recipients

Thirteen graduate students from Harvard and MIT were the recipients of Krupp Foundation Dissertation Research Fellowships from CES this year.

Max Ehrenfreund, Ph.D. Candidate in History of Science

Elena Ayala-Hurtado, Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology

Elena Ayala-Hurtado (Sociology) ­– Insecurity and Disenchantment among the Educationally Privileged

Aniket De (History) – Federalism in Empire: Britain, Germany and India, 1919-1947

Max Ehrenfreund (History of Science) – Body Economic: Modernist Social Science in Vienna

Elaine Fitz Gibbon (Musicology) – Musiktheater in Transit: Circum-Atlantic Perspectives on Avant-garde Music Theater (1945-Present)

Elaine Fitz Gibbon, Ph.D. Student in Musicology

Nathan Grau (History) – France's Forgotten Soldiers: Local Paramilitaries on the Frontlines of Decolonization, 1945-1962

Jacobé Huet (History and Theory of Architecture) – White Cubes, European Modernism, and Mediterranean Vernacular

Alex Mierke-Zatwarnicki (Government) – Political Parties & The Crafting of Identity-based Politics

Noah Pinkham (History) – Imperial Brothers: Fraternity in the French Colonial Empire

Jacobé Huet, Ph.D. Candidate in History and Theory of Architecture

Alex Mierke-Zatwarnicki, Ph.D. Candidate in Government

Cresa Pugh (Sociology & Social Policy) – Antiquities Diplomacy: Cultural Heritage Restitution in the Postcolonial Era

Mikko Silliman (Education) – Education Policy, Inequality, and The Welfare State: Evidence from Finland

Rephael Stern (History) ­– Afterlives of Empire: Postcolonial State Formation, 1939-1967

Lukas Wolters, P.D. Candidate in Political Science, MIT

Lukas Wolters (Political Science, MIT) – Varieties of Wealth Inequality: Social Policy and Wealth Accumulation in Advanced Capitalist Societies

Ye Zhang (Government) – Midas' Curse: The Politics of Decline in Leading Economies

Nathan Grau, Ph.D. Candidate in History

Note: Unless otherwise noted all students are at Harvard University. This list is complete as of June 26, 2020.