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Covid-19 and Migrant Workers’ Social Rights

June 1, 2020

Economic risks

We have explored policies introduced as a response to Covid-19 and pre-existing policies governing immigrant access to welfare benefits. We compared policies in eight western-European countries—Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom—as part of a continuing project on immigrant welfare rights. We find that migrant workers disproportionately face economic risks in countries where eligibility for social-assistance benefits is strict, and where decisions regarding their remaining in the country are highly contingent on income.

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About the Author

Friederike Römer

Friederike Römer

John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellow & Visiting Scholar 2019-2020

Friederike Römer is a postdoctoral researcher at the CRC Global Dynamics of Social Policy at University of Bremen. Her primary interests include comparative welfare state research, inequality, and the welfare rights of ...