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European Negotiation Game lead by CES Study Group Chair Teaches Real-Life Challenges

December 4, 2014

Photo of Game Participants

Muriel Rouyer (2nd row, 3rd from right) with participants at the European Negotiation Game

Muriel Rouyer, adjunct professor of public policy at HKS and chair of the CES Contemporary Europe study group, organized this event and invited Ifigenia Kanara, General Consul of Greece. In her capacity as a former member of the Permanent Greek Representation to the EU in Brussels, Kanara had built experience presenting issues in front of the to Council of the European Union and its preparatory committees. Rouyer and Kanara had met at the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies (CES) during the Greek Presidency of the EU (January-June 2014) and decided to team-up on a game that would help explain and popularize the EU.

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