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2023 Graduates and After Harvard

Alex and Briitta

14 graduate students, including our Center's Graduate Student Affiliates (GSAs), who completed their Ph.D.s this year.

This momentous occasion marks a new beginning as they embark on exciting new ventures post Harvard, embrace new challenges, and make a positive impact in their respective academic fields. See below a listing of these students and what they will do next.

Aurelien Bellucci (Ph.D. in Comparative Literature) will teach comparative literature and English at the American University of Paris.

Max Botstein (Ph.D. in History)

Noah Daponte-Smith (Ph.D. in Government)

Igor Ekstajn (Ph.D. in Urban Planning and Design)

Thea Goldring (Ph.D. in History of Art and Architecture) - see profile below.

Hanno Hilbig (Ph.D. in Government) - see profile below.

Jacob Hoerger (Ph.D. in Government)

Jacobé Huet (Ph.D. in History and Theory of Architecture) is an assistant professor of architectural history and theory at the University at Buffalo, SUNY.

Aden Knaap (Ph.D. in History) - see profile below.

Armando Miano (Ph.D. in Economics) will be a post-doctoral scholar at the Institute for Employment Research of the German Federal Employment Agency, University of Naples Federico II.

Alex Mierke-Zatwarnicki (Ph.D. in Government) will be a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute.

Mikko Silliman (Ph.D. in Education) will join the department of economics at Aalto University after completing a post-doctoral fellowship at the Norwegian School of Economics.

Briitta van Staalduinen (Ph.D. in Government) started as an assistant professor at the department of economics at Leiden University. Britta received the prize for the best dissertation on a topic of "Race, Ethnicity/or Migration and Politics" from the APSA Section on Class and Inequality.

Lukas Walters (Ph.D. in Political Science, MIT) joined McKinsey & Company as an associate at the McKinsey Global Institute.