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2018 Senior Thesis Grant Recipients


This year, 14 students received Senior Thesis Grants from CES to conduct research on Europe-focused topics as diverse as South Asian cuisine's influence on Victorian England to the far right mobilization of Hungarian youth. Following is a list of the grant recipients and the projects they will research during the summer.

2018 Senior Thesis Grant Recipients – (Front row; left to right): Arthur Schott Lopes, Eliza Ennis, Julia Fine, Jocelyn Hernandez Vazquez, Hannah Johnston, Emily Brother. (Back row; left to right): Sara Bobok, Katherine Brady, Aidan Connaughton, Nicholas Colon.

Sara Bobok (Social Studies, 2019) – Understanding Far Right Mobilization of Hungarian Youth through Civil Society.

Katherine Brady (Social Studies, 2019) – German Politics and Historical Memory on a Monumental Stage, Berlin's Memorial to the Murdered Jews.

Emily Brother (Music, 2019) – Preparing to Analyze, Perform, and Discuss Frédéric Chopin's Preludes Op.28.

Thomas Chatzieleftheriou (Social Studies, 2019) – Petty Corruption as a Defense Mechanism against Populism.

Nicholas Colon (Comparative Study of Religion, 2019) –Exploring the Spiritual Growth of Young Adults on Pilgrimage in Modern Europe. * Real Colegio Complutense Grant Recipient

Aidan Connaughton (Government, 2019) – Effects of Language Translation and Ethnolinguistic Identity on Political Survey Responses.

Eliza Ennis (Social Studies, 2019) – The Politics of International Refugee Aid in an Era of Xenophobia and Public Morality. * Stanley H. Hoffmann Undergraduate Research and Travel Grant Recipient

Julia Fine (History and Literature, 2019) – The Incorporation of South Asian Cuisine into the Victorian Palate.

Fiona Fitzgerald (History and Literature, 2019) – Archival Research on Historical Memory of Italian Colonialism.

Jocelyn Hernandez Vazquez (Romance Languages and Literatures, 2019) – The Foundations of Catalan Independence Discourse in the Parliamentary Speeches of the ERC,1978-2017.

Hannah Johnston (History of Science, 2019) – Women in Early Modern Medicine.

Bella Roussanov (History and Literature, 2019) – Anti-Turkish Nationalism in Bulgaria during the Renaming Campaign of 1984.

Arthur Schott Lopes (History, 2019) – A Colonial Imperialism: Gilberto Freyre and the Luso-Brazilian Confederation, 1915-1965.

Wonik Son (History, 2019) – Public Consumption of Disability: Constructing Postwar Photography, Film, and Visuality.

Profiles of Margot Mai and Benjamin Grimm - 2017 Senior Thesis Grant Recipients

Senior Thesis Presentations 2017

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