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Undergraduate Associates

CES Grant Recipients 2021-2022

The Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies (CES) has been committed to providing Harvard College students with the resources to deepen their interest in Europe. Each year, the Center offers summer thesis research grants for travel and research in Europe. Additionally, undergraduates have access to first-hand learning about Western and Eastern Europe and beyond through summer internships with European alumni at leading institutions and non-profit organizations across the Continent.

The following Undergraduate Associates received grants from CES in 2022 and have declared a Secondary Field in European .

Senior Thesis Grant Recipients

Yousuf Bakshi (Government, 2023)

Henry Bellew (History and Government, 2023)

Florian Bochert (Government, 2023)

Alison Chen (Philosophy, 2023)

Eli Frankel (Social Studies, 2023)

Katharine Heintz (Government, 2023)

Abigail LaBreck (Government, 2023)

Taehwan Kim (Social Studies, 2023)

Oliver Riskin-Kutz (History, 2023)

Mercedes Sapuppo (Social Studies, 2023)

Dharma Seda Gonzalez (Romance Languages, 2023)

Thuan Tran (Social Studies, 2023)

Internship Grant Recipients

Camden Archambeau (History, 2023)

Max Bahdanovich (Applied Mathematics, 2023)

Domenic Caturello (Government, 2023)

Nicole Fintel (Government, 2023)

Jay Garg (Economics, 2024)

Millán González-Bueno (Government & Philosophy, 2023)

Camila Jimenez Isla (Economics, 2023)

Alice Khayami (Government, 2025)

Maria Keselj (Social Studies, 2024)

Sophia Kim (Linguistics, 2023)

Hien Le (Sociology, 2024)

Henry Lear (History, 2024)

Emerson Monks (History & Literature, 2023)

Ngọc Trâm Nguyễn (Social Studies, 2022)

Barbara Oedayrajsingh Varma (Psychology, 2022)

Asmer Safi (Social Studies, 2024)

Daniela Shuman (Computer Science, 2024)

Recipients of the RCC Grant for Undergraduate Internships and Research in Spain

  • Dharma Seda Gonzalez (Romance Languages, 2023)
  • Camila Jimenez Isla (Economics, 2023)
  • Sophia Kim (Linguistics, 2023)
  • Henry Lear (History, 2024)