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Seminar on Populism

Populism has become an increasingly salient concept in social science research and the public sphere, as radical parties in Europe, the United States, and beyond have come to increasingly rely on anti-elite discourse, often in combination with nationalist appeals and authoritarian governance practices. This seminar explores the driving forces behind the resurgence of populism and its effects on party systems, democratic practice, and intergroup relations.

Drawing on the expertise of leading sociologists, political scientists, economists, and historians, the seminar will interrogate central questions confronting scholars of radical politics and aim to stimulate discussion among faculty and students from across campus who share an interest in this important topic.

Note: This seminar was formerly known as the Populism, Nationalism and Radical Politics Study Group. For details and past events see here.

Seminar Events Calendar

Technopopulism: The New Logic of Democratic Politics European Politics Seminar & Seminar on Populism — Technopopulism: The New Logic of Democratic Politics
February 13, 2020
2:30pm - 4:00pm