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2019 Dissertation Research Fellowship Recipients

This year, 13 graduate students received Dissertation Research Fellowships to conduct research in Europe.

Briitta van Staalduinen is a Graduate Student Affiliate at CES and the recipient of a Dissertation Research Fellowship.
  • Francesca Bellei (Comparative Literature) – Europe's South: Cultural Hegemony and Appropriation of the Past
  • Siyu Cai (Comparative Literature) – Music and Exile in Twentieth-Century German, Italian, and Polish Literature
  • Hannah Cohen (Visual and Environmental Studies) – On the Question of Aesthetic Authorship, 1971 – Present
  • Rachelle Grossman (Comparative Literature) – Communism and Continuity: Yiddish Writing in Postwar Poland
  • Hanno Hilbig (Government) – Fiscal Decentralization, Local Governance and Voting Behavior
  • Emily Kanner (Slavic Languages & Literatures) – The Magic Lantern in Russian Literature and Culture
  • Aden Knaap (History) – Judging the World: International Courts and the Origins of Global Governance, 1899-1945
  • Lorenzo McClellan (History) – The Secularization of Pleasure and Pain: The Emergence of Utilitarianism
  • Mina Mitreva (History) – The Radical Left in Germany and Austria, 1918-1938
  • Bo Yun Park (Sociology) – The Changing Scripts of Political Leadership, 1933-2019
  • Briitta van Staalduinen (Government) – Ethnicity and Social Mobility in the Welfare States of Europe
  • Christopher Williams-Wynn (History of Art and Architecture) – Critical Systems: Conceptual Art in a Global Information Age, 1968-1980
  • Madeleine Wolf (Romance Languages & Literatures) – The Noise of the Text: Dissonance and Disruption in Nineteenth-Century French Literature

This list was updated on June 4, 2019.