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View of Adolphus Busch Hall from the Courtyard

Impeachment: What this means, where this leads

Christina Pazzanese in Harvard Gazette on December 18, 2019

"To survive, democracy requires at least two democratic political parties. We currently only have one. If this doesn’t change, our growing democratic disorder risks mutating into an even more extreme form," comments Daniel Ziblatt in a Harvard Gazette article on what impeachment may mean for the presidency and the future of American democracy.

Cities in a world of states

Cities in a world of states

Charles Maier in Diplomatic Courier on December 10, 2019

Any geopolitical order based on cities must depend upon the partial dismantling of the territorial state order and thus of the notion of a unitary sovereignty as it developed from the Renaissance until very recently. Is that really plausible in this day and age? – Charles Maier, Leverett Saltonstall Research Professor of History & CES Resident Faculty