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View of Adolphus Busch Hall from the Courtyard
Pandemic Deepens Social and Political Cleavages

Pandemic Deepens Social and Political Cleavages

in Social Europe on June 22, 2020

Peter Hall and Rosemary Taylor argue that the coronavirus crisis has inflamed cleavages in democratic societies which will be difficult to heal.

Peter A. Hall is Krupp Foundation professor of European studies at Harvard University and the editor with Michèle Lamont of Successful Societies and Social Resilience in the Neoliberal Era. Rosemary CR Taylor is associate professor of sociology and community health at Tufts University and has written widely on epidemics, past and present.

L’espoir d’une Europe puissante

L’espoir d’une Europe puissante

in La Croix on May 13, 2020

De retour sur la scène politique, l’ancien chef de la diplomatie polonaise plaide en faveur d’un « grand compromis » entre Paris et Berlin pour renforcerl ’Union européenn.

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